We engineer and secure industrial automation and control systems

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We believe that technology can build a better tomorrow when safely and securely applied.  People are the most important part of a project and of an operation. It is our diverse and individual experiences that empower us to develop complex projects for critical infrastructure that exceed expectations and can be explained with exceptional clarity. We engineer and secure critical infrastructure which municipal and industrial operations rely on. Industrial Cybersecurity, Controls and Electrical Power Systems.

What does ICI stand for? ICI means that you can ask any question, and we will find the solution together. It means as a team, we will support your individual professional growth and to keep your perspective positive through the tough times and through the fun times. ICI means that you never stop learning and never stop striving to make life better.

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2021.06.1 Senior Electrical Engineer
As an integral member of the Power and Controls Engineering Team, the Senior Electrical Engineer will work alongside the Project Management team to successfully design and implement sustainable projects.
2021.06.2 Instrumentation and Control Systems Programmer
As an integral member of both the Controls Team, the Instrumentation and Control Systems Programmer will design, program, and commission instrumentation and control systems for municipal industrial clients across Canada.
2021.06.3 Electrical Power Systems Designer
As an integral member of both the Power and Controls Teams, the Electrical Power Systems Designer will design protection and coordination for low to medium voltage power systems, grounding systems design, draft reports, summarize studies, perform field reviews.
2021.06.4 SCADA and Network Programmer
As an integral member of the Controls and Cybersecurity Team, the SCADA and Network Programmer will perform SCADA system design and programming and Industrial Network design for the secure deployment of projects to municipal and industrial clients across Canada.