High Level Risk Assessment - ISA/IEC 62443 - Water and Wastewater

Understanding the risks is the first step in planning to protect against the risks.

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What is your appetite for risk?
How long can you tolerate a shutdown of your water treatment facility?
How will a breach of your Operational Technology (OT) systems affect water compliance reporting?

A report outlining your OT infrastructure and the associated tolerance for risk will alleviate the stress of allocating capital funds and operational resources to confidently minimize risk to an OT System. OT implementations in municipal water and wastewater provide vital services to the communities they serve. OT is the industrial complement of IT (Information Technology) systems.

Current technological trends affect cyberthreats to IT and OT systems concurrently, however the risks are different and represent critically different outcomes. While both systems utilize modern communication infrastructure, IT systems prioritize confidentiality of information (such as email, banking or healthcare record systems), and OT systems prioritize the availability of control (such as water treatment or pumping processes). A breach of a municipal IT system can easily spread to an OT system (or vice versa) and can result in risks to safety, water quality, compliance and fire protection.

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