• Willow Vannerus

COVID-19 Response and Update

This crisis is affecting our daily lives, our communities and our businesses. Now, more than ever, it is critical that essential services such as water, waste-water and electrical power systems continue to operate effectively and efficiently. We hold paramount the safety of our team, our clients and our communities. We are in this together and in the light of this crisis, changes are happening day-to-day. It is essential that Industrial Cybersecurity practices are not overlooked. Maintaining the stability and security of facility operations, many of which are remote, is no longer a nice feature, it is essential.

ICI Electrical Engineering is located in Kamloops, BC. For the past 25 years we have to provided engineering and support to essential services in water, waste-water and electrical power systems in municipalities and utility sectors.

What are we doing to help you and the communities you serve:

· Our support team and security operations center continue to remain online and our support and engineering teams are fully deployed to securely work remotely. We are ready to support, secure and document your operations in this changing landscape.

· ICI operates with a paperless workflow (and has for the past 3 years) for all engineering documentation and we are OQM certified through EGBC for a high standard of engineering practice.

· To complement our existing support offerings and in appreciation of existing support clients, we are rolling out an online chat and virtual assistance platform to link Operators, Management and Engineering.

· Our engineering and support team has the only ISA99 - 62443 Certified Industrial Cybersecurity Expert level personnel in BC and our teams are highly integrated to ensure that we safely and securely implement Industrial Cybersecurity lifecycles for control and power systems.

· ICI is an Alliance Certified partner with Schneider Electric

· ICI is a Solution Provider in Industrial Cybersecurity with Phoenix Contact.

What will this new online platform offer:

· We will reduce the requirements for operations or support personnel to be on-site in low severity calls, thereby reducing risk of exposure to personnel.

· Provide a direct link to 24/7 security operations center

· Further integrate you with our team of engineers, technologists, technicians, electricians and specialists to leverage our solid offering of services in Industrial Cybersecurity, Control and Power Systems.

If you have an active support contract with us, this new platform will be rolled out at no additional charge over the next week and remain active for the term of your existing contract. If you would like to receive more information on how you can join our online support network or receive a copy of our support catalog, please feel free to reach out to me personally, or any one of our contact methods below.

From our family to yours, thank you for your business and ongoing trust in us,

Sean R. Bouchard, P.Eng

Owner and Principal Engineer

ICI Electrical Engineering Ltd.