• Willow Vannerus

Industrial Cybersecurity - I like to think of it as a warehouse with hundreds of doors.

The concept of Industrial Cybersecurity is such an abstract idea - I like to think of it as a warehouse with hundreds of doors.

Imagine all of your tools, vehicles, equipment, and paperwork are stored in that warehouse. The warehouse has hundreds of ever-changing doors - and you need to constantly ensure your belongings are kept safe.

You run around, trying to keep the doors secure, however, they are ever-changing as locks get accidentally left unlocked, deliveries come and go, the new guy keeps losing his keys and new doors are created sometimes without your knowledge. Not to mention the outside vendors, who have keys, might mismanage them.

The doors need to be locked, but certain people need to get in and out at different times for different purposes.

In addition to making sure all the doors are secure you must also ensure that:

· only authorized people are taking things, and taking only what they are allowed to take

· any deliveries that you accept are for goods that you actually requested

· any pickups are only accessing the goods that are meant for them

· you are notified instantly if something was taken

Are you aware of all your warehouse's doors?

Are they all locked?

Do you know who has keys?

Would you know if someone was in your warehouse who shouldn't be?

Do you have a plan if someone gets in and locks you out?

If that sounds challenging, then the metaphor works. Keeping ahead of the bad guys in Industrial Cyberspace is no trivial task. It takes commitment and expertise to develop and implement an effective Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) to keep your industrial network safe. ICI Electrical Engineering is committed to delivering secure engineered systems for critical infrastructure systems, aligned to ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity standards. Need help securing your cyber-warehouse?

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Image source: Pixabay