Schneider Electric Certified Alliance Partner

As British Columbia's only SE Certified Alliance Partner, ICI is proud to offer local experience with the best technological solutions from Schneider Electric.

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Schneider Alliance Partners

When modernizing industrial processes, it is critical to understand how every component of a modern control system communicates. This partnership gives us access to the vast network of experts at Schneider Electric so that we can provide our Clients with a clear path to improve their risk tolerance.

Establishment of this partnership with Schneider Electric has been made possible through a solid project track record and our dedication to continuous improvement and training. This partnership benefits ICI through direct access to industry leading experts and a range of connected products in Schneider Electric's platform including, edge control and analytics, for faster development and support of customized, high quality solutions.

Schneider Electric announces ICI Electrical Engineering as a certified Alliance Partner
/CNW/ - Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has certified ICI Electrical Engineering as a System Integrator Alliance Partner,...
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Published a year ago