Schneider Electric Certified Alliance Partner

As British Columbia's only SE Certified Alliance Partner, ICI is proud to offer local experience with the best technological solutions from Schneider Electric.

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Schneider Alliance Partners

As a Schneider Electric Certified Alliance System Integrator Partner,
ICI Electrical Engineering has access to a global support network with a structure to share best practices among alliance partners so we can leverage our shared experiences and build modern, effective solutions together.

As consulting engineers and system integrators, ICI works with many different SCADA, controls systems and industrial network architectures - depending on existing equipment and the client’s specifications. Our background includes working with many legacy PLC systems to perform maintenance and hardware migrations.
Advantages of the Schneider Electric SI Alliance Program such as specialized training, connected technology, Partner Portal (IoT), and direct-access to technical and engineering support benefit both our team and clients throughout all phases of a project design, implementation and maintenance lifecycle.
When completing a modernization project, our Schneider Electric Partnership gives us access to program conversion tools and hardware adapters to easily perform migrations while reducing process downtime during the construction and commissioning phase of the project.

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Published 12 days ago