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The Importance of Industrial Cybersecurity for Water & Wastewater Works & Networks.

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Join ICI's Sean Bouchard along with professionals from AECOM and Veolia. We will be discussing the hot questions in Industrial Cybersecurity in a session hosted by Schneider Electric!

Episode 2: The Importance of Industrial Cybersecurity for Water & Wastewater Works & Networks

The safe operation of Water and Wastewater facilities is a cornerstone of modern life. These facilities must balance the requirements of high availability with the convenience of daily operations. The convergence of process equipment and network infrastructure has created a wide range new possibilities, pitfalls and accountabilities. The integration of Industrial Cybersecurity principals with all aspects of design, maintenance, modernization and operation is essential for continued safe and secure operation.

For a jump start into the world of Industrial Cybersecurity, check out some of our reading material below!

Industrial Cybersecurity
Industrial Cybersecurity prioritizes the availability of equipment where a failure may have direct impacts to health, safety, environment and operation.
START WITH DOCUMENTATION: The essentials of a Cybersecurity Management System
It is important to understand that maintaining and operating a Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) is not a one-time event. It is a continuous process that relies on the development of a culture of Cybersecurity.
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