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Direct systems integration and engineering support for municipal water/wastewater operations teams

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An ICI Support Agreement is a cost-effective solution that provides direct Operational Technology (OT) systems integration and engineering support to municipal water/wastewater operations teams.

ICI Support Solutions are based on industry best practices utilizing our experience in water, wastewater, Cybersecurity and IACS maintenance. Having controls experts on hand will provide peace of mind in knowing that their systems are being supported by qualified personnel.

Our municipal water and wastewater projects can be seen throughout BC and we take pride in maintaining strong support agreements with our clients after deployment.

ICI Support Solutions provide assistance to Critical Infrastructure (including water and waste water) operations teams in a variety of ways such as:

A “one size fits all” approach to support is not effective nor cost efficient. Support Services are customized to meet client needs. Most Support Solutions services are completed remotely, through our head office located in Kamloops. ICI is strategically located to quickly access communities across British Columbia.

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