Engineering and Securing Industrial Automation and Control Systems

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Industrial Cybersecurity
The only firm in BC with certified ISA/IEC 62443 – Industrial Cybersecurity expert-level personnel. Identifying Risk for Critical Infrastructure.
Support Solutions
An ICI Support Agreement is a cost-effective solution that provides directOperational Technology (OT) systems integration and engineering support tomunicipal water/wastewater operations teams. ICI Support Services assist water/wastewater operations teams in a variety ofways such as: * PLC, HMI…
Electrical Engineering
Controls and Power Systems Engineering

Specific Solutions

High Level Risk Assessment - ISA/IEC 62443 - Water and Wastewater
What is your appetite for risk?How long can you tolerate a shutdown of your water treatment facility?How will a breach of your Operational Technology (OT) systems affect watercompliance reporting?​A report outlining your OT infrastructure and the associated tolerance for riskwill alleviate the…