Engineering and Securing Industrial Automation and Control Systems

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Our passion for engineering has led to establishment of our niche, “Engineering and Securing Industrial Automation and Control Systems”.

Our team and our projects are built upon our five core values:

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Industrial Cybersecurity
The only firm in BC with certified ISA/IEC 62443 – Industrial Cybersecurity expert-level personnel. Identifying Risk for Critical Infrastructure.
Electrical Engineering
Controls and Power Systems Engineering
Support Solutions
An ICI Support Agreement is a cost-effective solution that provides directOperational Technology (OT) systems integration and engineering support tomunicipal water/wastewater operations teams. ICI Support Services assist water/wastewater operations teams in a variety ofways such as: * PLC, HMI…

Specific Solutions

High Level Risk Assessment - ISA/IEC 62443 - Water and Wastewater
What is your appetite for risk?How long can you tolerate a shutdown of your water treatment facility?How will a breach of your Operational Technology (OT) systems affect watercompliance reporting?​A report outlining your OT infrastructure and the associated tolerance for riskwill alleviate the…